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Wind is a breath 

circulating on the earth 

touching every entity on the earth. 

I live in the breath of the earth. 



I sense 

it circling  every cell of my body.

Like a sea breeze, it purifies my body

for every new moment of life.



I feel 

warm energy rising deep in my body.

Like a volcano, it heats every cell of my body 

for every new moment of life.


My breath goes back to a wind,

a breath of the earth, 

that circulates on the earth. 





・     ◯ 

(TeN eN)


A point,・, and a circle,○, can’t exist without each other.





from the universe,

are invisible tiny points,







are invisible-energy-filled 









an invisible endless enormous



It is invisible, 

but sensible.


The universe.



Quis dues, incertum est, habitut deus

“A god lives here, though what god is unknown”.


-Virsil, Aeneid 8 351-2

The Sun shines upon all alike, 

and makes a life live on Mother Earth.

We see various forms of life every single day.

They are too numerous to count, however, occasionally a special moment of meeting suddenly comes.

For instance, when I find a tiny weed rooted in a little soil on the edge of a paved road

or between stone walls,

when I see a sprout growing from a decaying trunk,

or when I am surrounded by myriad lives in the woods,

I am deeply impressed by something.

I feel an enigma running in my body and directly touching some of the same things

laid deep within myself.

I quest for what it is.

However, I feel a strangeness when searching for a word to represent it.

It must go far beyond a word.

So I collect its tiny pieces little by little. 

I trap figures of lives and natural light on a thin sheet in a dark box, and bring them home.

Subsequently, I prepare to let them reappear on a piece of handmade paper

with the help of eggs, minerals, sunlight and water.

Look up, and we always see such beauty as a cloud, a sunset and the endless sky.

Every irreplaceable moment that nature shows us under it embraces a continuous harmony of lives in an excessive amount of time on the Earth.

I stop thinking  just feel and adore a being behind it.


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