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 Ayano Matsumae                                                                                            


 Born in Tokushima, Japan

 Lives & works in USA 


A Japanese artist/tiny part of nature. Growing up in several rural areas in Japan, she has been conscious of mysterious energies and expressions in nature.  She explores them in her everyday life to see the law of nature, and how humans see, recognize and try to understand the world. She started Haiku to express a moment in nature when she lived in Japan. She took workshops by a Japanese maestro photographer Koichiro Kurita in New York to start analogue photography. With albumen printing techniques on Japanese handmade paper, she makes portraits of nature to capture a life, moment, light, atmosphere and energy that she feels in the moment. Her focus is creating work that become an interface between nature and humans' conception of nature (including humans and the universe).  More recently, Matsumae started practicing Noh chanting with an interest in both the physical, performative aspect of chanting, as well as exploring the ongoing exchange between human and non-humans that occur through Noh.



   BA. in Aesthetics, Faculty of Letter, University of Tokyo.


 Solo show

   2022 -Oct.-Nov.    TeN eN  at OBSERVATORY, Belfast, ME 

   2015 -Nov.            Look at Me, I'm Here at Le Cabinet Ilya, Tokyo, Japan



Lecture / Presentation 

   2018 - Artist talk/albumen print workshop at Bennington College, Bennington, VT

              "Washi-Japanese paper/Japanese sensibilities and attitudes toward nature"

   2014 - Artist talk/Presentation at Bennington College, Bennington, VT

               "Japanese sensibilities and attitudes toward nature"

Visiting artist

   2022 -Oct.  OBSERVATORY, Belfast, ME 

   2019 Awagami factory visiting artist program 

   2018 Awagami factory visiting artist program



   2022 - Republican Journal news article : Completing the circle

                 Solo exhibition'・ ◯   TeN eN  was covered focusing on 'enso practice'


   2017 - Featured in Fukui TV Station news program : 

               New York Photographer Seeking Paper in Echizen










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